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In the old days, folks used alum to keep their pickles crisp — until the USDA found out that as little as one ounce of alum can kill a healthy adult. Overnight soaking in pickling lime has also been found to be highly toxic and is no longer a recommended pickling method. So how do you keep your pickles crisp?

The answer: Ball® Pickle Crisp® Granules, which are specially formulated using sodium-free calcium salt, a completely safe alternative. Just measure and add to each jar ... that’s it! The granules completely dissolve and do not affect the taste of your pickles in the least. All you get is crisp.

Works beautifully on cold-pack and significantly improves the crunch of water-bath-processed pickles. Also does wonders for canned zucchini, beans and peppers.

5.5 oz container is enough for 80 quarts of pickles.

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