Golden Delicious Apple Trees

Golden Delicious Apple Trees Buyer's Guide

Also called yellow delicious apple trees

Once upon a time (circa 1914), a mysterious little apple tree was found growing in West Virginia. The tree was allowed to grow and grow, and eventually it bore its first apples. Upon tasting these new fruits, the land owner sent a few to Stark Bro’s along with a note, “What think you? Are these not the most delicious apples you have ever tasted?” Paul Stark Sr. couldn’t agree more! After purchasing the tree and surrounding land, Stark Bro’s began propagating the legendary Stark® Golden Delicious. Every Golden Delicious apple since then has come from that one mysterious little apple tree.

This outstanding tree is self-pollinating, and it’s also a universal pollinator to most any other variety. The deep golden fruits provide juicy-sweet zest, desired for fresh eating and homemade pies. Golden Delicious slices do not quickly brown, which makes them ideal for salads and dipping. Any way you look at it, there are only benefits to growing your own Golden Delicious apple tree!