See this Nova Elderberry's Growth in Just 1 Year

We planted this Nova Elderberry one year ago in our demonstration garden at Stark Bro's as a bare-root plant. It is thriving with very minimal care. Its gorgeous shrub-like attributes make this a candidate for berry patch or landscape!

Elderberries are well-known for their medicinal berries, but there are many more uses gardeners may not be aware of. Elderberry flowers can be used for teas, tinctures, salves, cosmetics, and even cocktails! Not to mention, they are wonderful pollinator attractors.

An elderberry plant's vigor and growth habit make them ideal candidates for almost any location, including around fruit trees. Since elderberry plants respond well to aggressive pruning habits, their excess can be "chopped" and "dropped" around your growing area. This adds a natural layer of mulch and adds to the soil's biodiversity.