Stark Picks: Easy to Grow Fruit Trees

Growing fruit trees is a new experience for many gardeners. If that's the case for you, we recommend our Stark Picks: fruit trees that are easy to grow.

The care and maintenance side of growing fruit trees doesn't have to be difficult. It's actually easier work than mowing the lawn – and you get fruit as a reward! Better still, there are easy-care, low-maintenance fruit trees. That's where Stark Picks come in.

What is a 'Stark Pick'?

Stark Picks are fruit trees are selected by our experts with first-time growers in mind. To become a Stark Pick, each tree must display the characteristics of simple upkeep and ease of growing. Our experts' more than 100 years of combined experience help to make these top selections. Even if you're an experienced grower, a 'Stark Pick' tree makes a wonderful addition to your orchard!

Our Stark Picks

Apple Trees Golden Delicious Apples on Tree

Apricot Tree

Apricots on Tree

Cherry Trees

Surecrop Cherries on Tree

Nectarine Tree

Nectarines on Tree

Peach Trees

Peaches on Tree

Pear Trees

Hardy Giant Asian Pears on Tree

Plum Trees

Stanley Prune Plums on Tree A Stark Pick fruit tree is a great place to start when creating, or adding to, your orchard. Once you feel confident making a selection, be sure your new tree will grow in your zone. You can read more about why hardiness zones matter, and how to check yours, in our article, Planting in Your Hardiness Zone. Then, when you're ready to plant, be sure to read how to get started in our article, Fruit Tree Care: Planting Fruit Trees. Happy planting!

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