Ultra Supreme XL Grow Bags


Get Fruit Faster?

Many gardeners will tell you the same thing -  the hardest part about growing your own fruit is waiting for your trees to get old enough to bear fruit. Our experts have worked hard to provide a perfect solution. We’re proud to announce our new Ultra Supreme XL trees in 7-gallon grow bags.

Introducing an impressive collection of our most mature trees, designed to expedite your fruit-bearing journey by two years.  These trees have been held by Stark for two additional growing seasons resulting in incredible root growth which is the key to bearing fruit!  The trees come in our innovative seven gallon grow bag, ensuring excellent drainage and aeration that fosters exceptional root growth, promising bountiful fruit in record time.

Your tree will arrive at your door, pruned and ready to settle into its new home. Just like everything we ship, we take extra care to ensure your plants make it to you in good shape.

Depending on the time of year, your tree might show up with leaves, or without if it’s during its dormant season. Treating these Ultra Supreme XL Grow Bag trees during planting is straightforward – just like any potted tree from Stark Brothers. Find the planting and care instructions on our website, in the growing guide section.

Shop Ultra Supreme XL Grow Bag Trees. Subject to availability.

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