Spraying Peach Trees

First and foremost, be sure to familiarize yourself with the existing or potential pest and diseases issues for peach trees in your area. Your local county Cooperative Extension is an excellent resource. Documents for identification and control, assembled by your local state universities, may even already exist online. Your local independent garden centers and local growers are also invaluable sources of pest and disease control in your area.

In high-density orchards, a proper and consistent spray schedule can be paramount to the survival of your peach tree. Many potential issues can be prevented with sprays before they become problematic. To get the most return on the investment of your money, time and energy, spraying peach trees should be done consistently and thoroughly, following the guidelines below.

NOTE: This is part 9 in a series of 11 articles. For a complete background on how to grow peach trees, we recommend starting from the beginning.