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Also called mexican lime

Perfect for making a delectable pie. Fragrant white flowers and small, juicy limes set this evergreen tree apart. May bloom again while fruit still remains on the tree, allowing for different harvest intervals. Heat-tolerant. Fruit takes about 6-9 months to ripen. Self-pollinating.

  • Mature size can be kept smaller by pruning.
  • If you live in a cooler climate, plant these warm-weather plants in containers so that you can move them indoors before freezing temperatures arrive.

125% Survival Guarantee!

Since 1816, Stark Bro’s has promised to provide customers with the very best fruit trees and plants. It’s just that simple. If your trees or plants do not survive, please let us know within one year of delivery. We will issue a one-time merchandise credit to your account equaling 125% of the original product purchase price. Read more about our warranty policy.


Bloom Color White
Fruit Color Green
Fruit Size Small
Pollination Self-Pollinating
Shade/Sun Full Sun
Soil Composition Loamy
Soil Moisture Well Drained - Average Moistness
Soil pH Level 6.0 - 7.0
Taste Tart
Texture Firm, Juicy
Years to Bear 1 - 2
Zone Range 8 - 11

Zone Compatibility

This Variety's Zone Range 8 - 11
My Hardiness Zone ?
The USDA hardiness zones offer a guide to varieties that will grow well in certain climates. Each zone corresponds to the minimum winter temperatures experienced in a given area. Make sure that your hardiness zone lies within the zone compatability range of this variety before ordering.

Size & Spacing

Mature Size

When your tree matures, it will be approximately 6 - 8' tall x 5 - 6' wide.

Recommended Spacing

We recommend spacing these trees 5 - 6' apart to ensure room for growth.


This variety is self pollinating.

In many cases, you may still want to plant pollinating partners to increase the size of your crops, but with self-pollinating varieties doing so is optional. You'll get fruit with only one plant!

Tools & Supplies

Having the proper tools and supplies when growing your own can make the difference between a good harvest and a great harvest! Here's a list that our experts recommend for this variety.

Planting & Care

Learn all about how to grow citrus trees in The Growing Guide. An entire section of our website dedicated to your growing success.

Shipping Information

Arrives when it's time to plant

Your success is our priority. We work hard to make sure that your order arrives at the ideal time for planting in your location based on your local climate conditions.


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Love indoor plants!
doodlbug on Feb 26, 2021
indoor tree
MATTHEW S on Feb 21, 2021
Love indoor plants!
doodlbug on Feb 26, 2021
I like lemon and limes
Nancy G on Feb 21, 2021
indoor tree
MATTHEW S on Feb 21, 2021
I like
Penny D on Jan 21, 2021
I am making a citrus lane. This is my first one
Uriel C on Dec 15, 2020
My husband grew up in Florida and we both love Key Lime pie. And I like to make good food from plants we grew ourselves.
Cathleen C on Dec 3, 2020
Indoor citrus to eat and love
Laura H on Sep 1, 2020
a gift
Barb M on Aug 16, 2020
The Prolific Familystead you tube channel and video. He is great!
Lori A on Aug 8, 2020
Interesting in growing this as well as Meyer's Lemon Dwarf tree indoors for fruit and scent.
Michael C on Jul 12, 2020
I love your products
Janice E on Jul 10, 2020
I am making key lime pie for her birthday. She likes plants. This seemed appropriate.
Clelia I on Jun 25, 2020
I want a lime tree. My parents have always ordered from your company. Price was reasonable. Delivery estimate timely.
LauraS. on Jun 23, 2020
It???s my dream to have one lol
Marites J on Jun 10, 2020
Wanted my own limes, trying bit by bit to build up
my own urban edible garden - and !
because it was on sale and affordable shipping !
Really, the sale and shipping swayed me.
Ava G on May 5, 2020
Grows in my climate. Grows in a small space. Yummy. Looks beautiful
Janet M on May 5, 2020
Vitamin C
Dorothy S on Apr 30, 2020
I like trying new things, and my kids love limes! Can't wait to surprise them with this!
Sarah E on Apr 30, 2020
My mom likes citrus plants. I wanted to get the citrus bundle but it was unavailable.
Olivia S on Apr 17, 2020
Just got a Meyer lemon and wanted a key lime.
Bessie F on Apr 15, 2020
I use fresh lime in my drinks, constantly.
Weston V on Feb 5, 2020
Phyllis M on Nov 6, 2019
Love lime!
JoAnne on Oct 4, 2019
I have one already that I ordered from you guys and there are tons of limes, they are tasty and it only took my plant a year to produce the fruit.
Karissa D on Sep 27, 2019
Wanted and indoor Lime to go with my Lemon and the larger size means fruit sooner for the little difference in price
Randall W on Sep 24, 2019
To make Key Lime pies, plus love a citrus tree!!
Tina R on Jun 12, 2019
always wanted to grow key limes
Brenda B on Jun 8, 2019
So I can make a pie.
MATTHEW C on May 28, 2019
The lemon tree I purchased last year is blooming and I always wanted a lime tree. Since I didn't kill the lemon I wanted to try a lime. Love your products. Everything is always packaged well and so healthy.
Susan W on May 16, 2019
Because we love Key Lime Pie!
Donald S on Feb 6, 2019
We use a lot of lime so wanted to try a plant
Robert B on Dec 7, 2018
My neighbor makes their own salsa....this would be a perfect gift for them!
Ann B on May 8, 2018
I have purchased the lemon, tangerines and orange potted version and had some of the largest, delicious lemons in year two. Still waiting on tangerine and oranges.
DENISE M on Mar 30, 2018
Ed A on May 11, 2016
Key Lime Pie! Also the ability to be grown in a container
James M on Apr 13, 2016
Sister ordered one of these from you three years ago and it is really producing well
Suzanne R on Mar 11, 2016
I like lemon and limes
Nancy G on Feb 21, 2021
I like
Penny D on Jan 21, 2021
Can I keep a lemon and a lime tree to about 4' tall x 3' dia? I have a small outdoor area that I would like to grow them. Thanks.
Michael C on Oct 1, 2018
BEST ANSWER: Hi, Michael. Sure you can. We've even seen people bonsai them. They respond well to pruning and are easy to maintain.
I've had mine for two years and he's still looking quite pitiful. In fact, he doesn't look like he's grown at all, but is green and has leaves. He's outside all summer, but winters indoors. Any advice?
sad-lime on Mar 11, 2017
BEST ANSWER: I have noticed that when I bring my key lime indoors for the winter it does better if kept in a temperature above 60 degrees and I make sure that it gets sunlight. I place it 2 feet from the window and I rotate the pot that it is in 180 degrees every month when it is indoors so the entire plant grows evenly. I have also noticed that it does better when I prune it to grow more like a tree and less like a bush. Most importantly I slice and core fresh apples and put the slices around the base of the plant and cover the slices with an inch of dirt. This feeds the plant while it's indoors all winter, of course, don't forget to water regularly. Lastly, every 2 weeks I sprinkle a table spoon of Epsom salt on the dirt and then water it. I have had my key lime for 2 years and although it has yet to fruit, it is growing beautifully.
Can a key lime tree pollinate a meyer lemon tree?
TheShadyGarden on Aug 7, 2020
BEST ANSWER: Citrus is self pollinating and does not require a partner.

One species cannot pollinate another; for example, a plum cannot pollinate an apple, and a pear cannot pollinate a peach or lemon with lime . A fruit tree that requires a pollinator needs a different variety of the same species that has a similar bloom time.
Do these key limes have seeds?
TaWanna D on Dec 30, 2019
BEST ANSWER: Yes, has seeds. But it is a Philippine lemon, not key lime.
Are the key limes seeded?
Angel L on Jun 22, 2018
BEST ANSWER: We would say they are virtually seedless, meaning you may come across a seed here or there.
Are any of your trees thorn free?
Ana M on Dec 16, 2018
BEST ANSWER: Authentic Key Lime trees have thorns ... it's the price you pay for that great flavor. Thornless citrus varieties are sorely lacking in flavor and citrus "zing".
Can I grow this lime tree indoors all year long since I live in a city apt. with no terrace?
Sandy E on May 8, 2020
BEST ANSWER: You can grow almost anything in a container! This excellent article will answer your questions and provide good advice. Please see "Growing Fruit Trees in Containers" //
I live in zone 5b. can i bring this indoors for the winter in my unheated sunroom? Its all enclosed with glass but not insulated so does freeze but no exposure to wind or snow. If not can anyone recommend something that this would work with.
Halotta Vachina on Sep 29, 2016
BEST ANSWER: No must. Be keep above 50 degrees or roots will freeze
Dose he come looking like the picture like a plant already?
Nenee on May 10, 2016
BEST ANSWER: No they come looking quite pitiful and barren but don't you worry with good soil, sun and water it will be lovely in no time.
Is this the thornless, dwarf variety of key lime?
w A on Feb 12, 2021
BEST ANSWER: We appreciate you reaching out to us. All are members of the genus Citrus and many of the citrus trees have thorns on them. Some of the most common citrus trees that sport thorns are Meyer lemon, most grapefruits and key limes. Thorns on citrus trees develop at the nodes, often sprouting on new grafts and fruiting wood

If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to reach back out to us. Have a great day!
What is the root stock on your key lime plants?
Timothy O on Feb 8, 2021
BEST ANSWER: We appreciate you reaching out to us. Citrus is not a grafted plant. These are from rooted cuttings.

If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to reach back out to us. Have a great day!
When to harvest key limes?
Sherry P on Nov 9, 2020
BEST ANSWER: Key limes are usually ready to harvest in the summer. Limes are harvested prior to ripening while still green.
Can I grow them? I am not sure what zone compatibility means. My zone is 6b
Vicky on Oct 10, 2020
BEST ANSWER: If you enter your ZIP code at the following link and we'll be able to display the popular products that are available and rated for your location: // Also look for check marked varieties as you shop to ensure compatibility with your zone. If you have more questions regarding zone compatibility, please call Customer Support at 800.325.4180 and they would be glad to help.

If you type your zip code into the box in the "Zone Compatability" section above, a checkmark will appear if the product on this page will grow well in your location.
If I order will I get a seed or a plant and how big is it?
Lilia H on Sep 6, 2020
BEST ANSWER: We appreciate you reaching out to us. These are 6 months to 1 year old plants that ship in a 4 inch pot 4-5 inches tall .

If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to reach back out to us. Have a great day!
Does the lemon or lime bushes come already grown or a?
Brenda S on Aug 15, 2020
BEST ANSWER: We appreciate you reaching out to us. Our citrus is a 1 year old plant shipped in 4x4x10 pot and is 4-8 inches tall.

If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to reach back out to us. Have a great day!
My key lime plant arrived broken. And today the leaves with fruit are drying out. Do you have advice on how to save the plant?
Jennifer C on Jun 26, 2020
BEST ANSWER: I'm sorry to hear about the trouble you're having. When you get the opportunity, I would like for you to perform a scratch test on the nursery stock. It will determine whether the items are still living or dead. I have attached the instructions below, if you just click on the link. If the item(s) appear green then I would recommend fertilizing with a well balanced formula suitable for your plant/tree, and pruning about 1-3 inches off of the tips, to help stimulate growth.
If that test determines the tree is no longer living and in need of replacement, please contact our Customer Support Team at 800.325.4180. They'd be happy to help.
Can you ship to Florida?
chris e on May 5, 2020
BEST ANSWER: We appreciate you reaching out to us. Yes we ship to Florida, however they do not allow citrus to be shipped in.

If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to reach back out to us. Have a great day!
Is 1 gallon small stark container the tree or just a container if the tree how big is the tree thanks??
Rodrigo cal on Feb 20, 2020
BEST ANSWER: We appreciate you reaching out to us. The key lime plant that ships on the 1 gallon is a well rooted plant that is approx 6-12 inches tall.

If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to reach back out to us. Have a great day!
How tall is the tree when shipped?
SabaGuy on Feb 20, 2020
BEST ANSWER: We appreciate you reaching out to us. When shipped, they are about 6-12 inches tall.

If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to reach back out to us. Have a great day!
What is the actual size of the fruit in inches?
sammy on Oct 7, 2019
BEST ANSWER: Usually about 11/2-2 inches
how big is this plant?
Kathy on Jan 29, 2017
BEST ANSWER: The Key Lime tree ships 6 - 12" tall in a 4" pot.
i have an area thats only about two feet wide but 50ft in length. do you think thats adequate space.?
Judy G on Apr 17, 2016
BEST ANSWER: It would be a tight fit, but as long as it gets full sun there (6-8 hours daily) and air can flow through to keep fungal issues down, then it could work. I'd be most concerned about the light availability if there is only 2 feet of space there. Light equates to healthy growth and development of the tree as well as its flowers and fruit.

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Great fruit producer
I planted this tree April 2014 in a 36” pot, blended soil, in the greenhouse, auto water, full sun, no food initially. It grew to 3’ bush so far (which is a plus) and it is full of limes. I took the screens off of the greenhouse during pollination to let the bees in (I have 10 hives about 2000’ away). I don’t think you need honey bees because I saw wasps, mason bees, bumble bees, and etc. on it. Easy to grow --this one
May 10, 2016
Key lime
I was so surprised last year at the size and healthy condition of the key lime . This year it has doubled in size and has set 3 limes with more blooms starting to form. It loves the hot weather in the summer here in central Washington. Of course it comes in the house in late fall and does well in a sunny window over winter.
May 25, 2016
over 5 years ago
Key Lime Pie squared
The Key Lime tree was healthy when we received it and is thriving in a large patio pot. We experience cool winters in central South Carolina (CSRA - central Savannah river area), so it is brought into our glassed "Carolina room" from November thru March. It is doing well. The tree has doubled in size in just less than a year since we bought it. We also have a lemon, an orange and a grapefruit tree in the same size pots and all weather winter well. I would recommend any tree from Stark Brothers. We have always been pleased with the trees we have bought from them.
May 13, 2016
over 5 years ago
I didn't realize key limes had such long spikes. It has grown much taller and has new branches, but has produced no flowers as yet, in over a year.
May 14, 2018
over 3 years ago
Love it.
Unlike my orange tree, this one is thriving. Love the scent of the blooms and the little key limes that have been produced!
May 22, 2016
over 5 years ago
Healthy, gorgeous, easy!
Hasn't bloomed in it's first year, but has more than doubled in size. Thorns keep interested pets away. Very recommended.
May 11, 2016
over 5 years ago
Tree is growing
I transplanted the tree to a larger container and started it in doors. In the last few weeks it has gotten warmer and so i put it outside and it is doing well. It is an attractive little tree.
June 14, 2017
over 3 years ago
Key Lime
it grew well when it was indoor at 70 degrees, from the time its outside its growing slow, I guess because it still cold, Stark sent me healthy Plant
May 12, 2016
over 5 years ago
Nice start
Green and vigorous. Small plant but appears to be very healthy.
May 10, 2016
over 4 years ago
Slow start but hanging in there
We had a good start but a late frost almost killed it. (I lost one of my other citrus trees because of it.) But now it is slowly coming back and looking healthy...just small. No doubt that it will continue to do well and hopefully will be enjoying limes again next season.
May 10, 2017
over 4 years ago