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Arbequina Olive

Available Spring 2018

Supplies are limited so make sure you don't miss out next time by having us automatically notify you when it becomes available again.


Bring a taste of the Mediterranean to your home. This variety is revered as both a table olive – for its mild, buttery and lightly fruity flavor – as well as an oil olive for its high oil concentration. Tasty fruit and gorgeous gray-green foliage will evoke the rolling Spanish landscapes where this variety is widely grown. Olives hang well on the tree and ripen at different intervals. Drought-tolerant and pest-resistant. Heat-tolerant. Ripens starting in November. Self-pollinating.

  • Matures around 8-10 feet tall, but can be kept smaller by pruning.
  • If you live in a cooler climate, plant these warm-weather plants in containers so that you can move them indoors before freezing temperatures arrive.


Bloom Color White, Yellow
Fruit Color Black
Fruit Size Small - Medium
Pollination Self-pollinating
Ripens/Harvest Late November
Shade/Sun Full Sun
Soil Composition Loamy
Soil Moisture Well Drained - Average Moistness
Soil pH Level 7.0 - 8.0
Taste Good
Texture Firm
Years to Bear 2 - 3
Zone Range 7 - 9

Zone Compatibility

This Variety's Zone Range 7 - 9
My Hardiness Zone ?
The USDA hardiness zones offer a guide to varieties that will grow well in certain climates. Each zone corresponds to the minimum winter temperatures experienced in a given area. Make sure that your hardiness zone lies within the zone compatability range of this variety before ordering.

Recommended Pollinators

This variety is self pollinating.

In many cases, you may still want to plant pollinating partners to increase the size of your crops, but with self-pollinating varieties doing so is optional. You'll get fruit with only one plant!

Tools & Supplies

Having the proper tools and supplies when growing your own can make the difference between a good harvest and a great harvest! Here's a list that our experts recommend for this variety.


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Questions & Answers

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Stark Bro's Store
Saw an olive tree in England in a container and I just had to give one a try.
RANDALL C on Jan 26, 2017
Olive trees are so beautiful, with their silvery green leaves. I'm hoping it is true to zone 7 and will survive our sometimes unusually cold winters.
Joan W on Apr 28, 2016
Saw an olive tree in England in a container and I just had to give one a try.
RANDALL C on Jan 26, 2017
I was looking for an olive tree that would grow in my zone and this was the first that came up. The reviews were good so I dove right in and bought 2 trees.
Veronica T on Nov 1, 2016
Olive trees are so beautiful, with their silvery green leaves. I'm hoping it is true to zone 7 and will survive our sometimes unusually cold winters.
Joan W on Apr 28, 2016
from past experience, fastest grower and never fails!
Thomas L on Apr 28, 2016
Chose this on a whim. Didn't realise this existed for my zone. Hoping to be very satisfied with it.
Teresa B on Mar 4, 2016
I was looking for an olive tree that would grow in my zone and this was the first that came up. The reviews were good so I dove right in and bought 2 trees.
Veronica T on Nov 1, 2016
from past experience, fastest grower and never fails!
Thomas L on Apr 28, 2016
I live in a 7B, do I need to plant it in a pot or can I plant it in the ground?
Candice B on May 6, 2016
BEST ANSWER: Arbequina Olives are hardier than other varieties of olives, so they can be planted in the ground in Zone 7b areas that are protected from northern winds. If you have a particularly cold snap, you may need to protect the tree.
If the plant is pruned and kept inside during cold, can it be grown in 6A?
Emily H on Mar 15, 2016
BEST ANSWER: I bought two of these last Fall (2015) and planted one in a container and one in the ground in zone 8A (Norfolk VA). We didn't have an especially cold winter and I don't believe we got iced over, just the usual light snow/sleet. I moved the one in the container into a detached, non-climate controlled garage that has lots of windows on the east and west side. It actually had a little new growth while in there over the winter. I haven't noticed any new growth on the one in the ground, and its' leaves browned a little. Long story short (too late, right?), I think you would be ok growing one in a container.
How far away should I plant mine from a fence line ? I don't want the root system to be affected
Jacqueline B on Jul 11, 2017
BEST ANSWER: Concern isn't the roots, more so fence height so that branches stay on your side for easy picking. But a minimum 3' and ideal 5'-6' from the fence will let the shape look natural. Not a vigorous grower so even at 3' In bush form is adequate.
would this olive tree be suitable for zone 8-9 in drought tolerant situations in the front yard? what is the shape of the tree to put into a front yard.
dianne c on May 29, 2017
BEST ANSWER: The recommended zone range for this variety is 7-9, which includes zone 8. The description also states that Arbequina olive is a drought-tolerant variety. Arbequina olive trees grow upright with a slight rounded spread in the canopy, but they respond well to pruning, so you can maintain a shape that works best for your space.
Are these Arbequina Olive Trees grafted or seed-grown?
Mr. A on Jul 10, 2017
BEST ANSWER: The Arbequina Olive is propagated by a rooted cutting.
I would like to grow my olive tree indoors and potted. I received it in September and I have kept it within the same pot with which it arrived. I have kept it by a window and I water it very infrequently. There has been a growth of new leaves and about an inch of growth in terms of height, but now the leaves are curling inwards and are a dull color. What should I do? Is my plant dying? Should I place it in a larger pot? Thanks friends.
PJ P on Nov 12, 2016
BEST ANSWER: The pot in which your tree arrived (presuming it is a black 4x10 rectangular pot) is for greenhouse-starting and shipping purposes only. It needs to be repotted immediately. The roots are still air-pruning when they need to be in contact with soil.Here's how to hopefully save your tree:

// us know how it does once you re-pot it?
Is this a type of olive that needs to soak in brine to be table-ready?
Christina H on Sep 19, 2016
BEST ANSWER: All raw olives must be cured in some fashion before eating. You can oil-cure them or brine them, but you must cure them. Arbequina can be harvested when green or black.
will this tree survive the winter if planted outdoors in the ground?
I"m in Zone 7A, north central Oklahoma. Thanks.
Bob M on Sep 1, 2016
BEST ANSWER: It is compatible with your growing zone and should do just fine if you take a few precautions before winter sets in. Here is an article that outlines what you need to do to help your olive tree through the winter:

Customer Reviews

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So far, So good in Zone 7A
Both my Arbequina Olives arrives in good health last year and took to their potting really well. They've about doubled in size in a year and will soon need bigger pots (they are in 12" pots currently). They overwintered in an unheated garage (with windows) and did just fine. Note, they are evergreen (never lose their leaves), so protection from cold and wind in the winter is a must in my area and anywhere colder. No olives/flowers yet, but hoping next year as they mature.
August 9, 2016
over 2 years ago
Buying Stark Bros Arbequina Olive
I would like to say I first was introduced to Stark Bros Nursery over 30 years ago through the Texas Fruit Growers Association. They have a reputation as one of the best nurseries in the US with commercial growers. When I looked for an Arbequina Olive tree for the backyard, there was only one place to turn to and it was Stark Bros. it's amazing even after 30 years, the quality of the plant and packaging of it were first rate.
May 23, 2016
over 2 years ago
attractive and healthy container plants, no olives yet
In lower zone 7 my two plants survived the winter in an unheated temporary greenhouse. I have not noticed any blooms or seen any baby olives yet. The small trees are 3-4 feet high and look very nice and happy. I received them spring 2015 from Stark, now just over a year in their containers.
May 21, 2016
over 2 years ago
Very nice addition to our patio!
We have enjoyed our olive tree. It makes a great addition to the container garden on our patio and an olive tree in Oklahoma makes for a great conversation piece. So far it has survived crazy high temps, high winds, cold swings. Wintered in the garage for a few weeks during ice storms and below 20 temps, but other than that is has been easy maintenance and it has continued to grow and be a center piece.
May 5, 2017
1 year ago
Great, Healthy Stock
Very healthy trees when received. Transplanted to larger pots upon receipt (that was about 12 months ago). 2017 spring saw a good deal of pruning and transplant into still larger pots. Hope is to put trees in the ground autumn 2017.
Very pleased. Look forward to olives and oil in a few years. ??
May 13, 2017
1 year ago
Fantastic Arbequina Olive
I purchased two Arbequina Olive trees for Missouri, in hopes of building a makeshift "winter greenhouse" for the purpose of keeping the trees alive but almost dormant in our cold winters. We did have 10 deg. below zero once, and 5 below zero two or three times last winter, but the olives were in their unheated greenhouse, surrounded by water bottles, goat manure compost, lots of mulch, and depending on the temperature, three or four layers of plastic and glass. They survived well. These trees grew like crazy from the time I received them, and even grew slowly during the winter in their little greenhouse, and now they have outgrown their home and I must enlarge their "winter quarters". I may order two more.
May 17, 2017
1 year ago
Blooming like crazy
The first year I had this tree it bloomed some and had two olives that got fairly big. This year it has had a lot more blooms and am hoping for a lot of olives. If I could put some pictures on here I would love to.
May 19, 2017
Growing like wildfire!
I'm not the best at gardening, but I wanted something unusual in our small courtyard, and the idea of growing an olive tree in a container was the perfect fit. It arrived in good condition, and I followed all the instructions for planting. I also visited your site for more information on growing the tree. It wintered well in our garage and is once again outside. It is doing beautifully. I would recommend purchasing this item.
May 6, 2017
1 year ago
Happy and growing
My Arbequina Olive is so happy. I have it in a very lot pot with good drainage and it is loving the warmer weather lately. Haven't had it long enough to have any olives yet but it is growing at a rapid pace. So pretty by my pool. It's perfect!
May 10, 2017
1 year ago
Has done reAlly well
It has done so good in the Texas heat. And I don't water it everyday either. I brought it in over the winter but I don't know if I can do that this year as I have it in a much larger and heavier pot. I bought 3 of these for myself and 2 friends. I would recommend this plant/tree.
May 18, 2017
1 year ago
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