Grow a Little Fruit Tree

Paperback 168 pages.
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Simple Pruning Techniques for Small-Space, Easy-Harvest Fruit Trees

by Ann Ralph

Why grow little fruit trees? They take up less space and are easier to care for! This book provides a timed pruning plan and simple maintenance guidelines that will help you keep your fruit trees small and manageable. Walk away with an understanding of the anatomy of a fruit tree and the soil it grows in while discovering the ins and outs of unique techniques, like multiple-tree planting and espalier. Learn basic principles of pruning, including how, when, and what to prune — from pruning new trees to pruning established trees. Includes color photos and illustrations, demonstrating the techniques described — and so much more! A handy addition to the fruit gardener’s reference library, and the perfect gift for anyone who wants to grow little fruit trees. (Does not contain information about citrus trees.)

  • Full color
  • Paperback, 168 pages

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