Stark® Root-Pep® Root Stimulant

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Jump-start Mother Nature! Just a single, one-time application of Root-Pep® actually energizes microbial activity in your soil, resulting in quick root establishment with less transplant shock. Not a fertilizer, but a soil enricher that improves rooting, water absorption, nutrient availability, plant health and the health of the soil itself. Reduces or eliminates the need for fertilizer and pesticides. Also contains a moisture-retention ingredient to fight heat and drought stress. See list of ingredients › ›

After digging your planting hole, simply mix dry Root-Pep® into the top 8-10” of planting hole’s backfill. Be sure the product contacts root ball. Each 2 oz. bag treats one 1/2”- caliper tree or two shrubs. Granular. Non-hazardous to humans, pets, bees and wildlife. Use as directed.

Notes: Do not use Root-Pep® with moisture-retaining potting mixes. Organic fungicides can be applied two weeks before or after use of Root-Pep®.

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