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Spraying Almond Trees

A proper and consistent spray schedule is important to the survival of your trees. From diseases to pests, many potential issues can be prevented with spraying before they even begin! To reap its benefits, spraying should be done consistently and thoroughly following the guidelines below.

NOTE: This is part 8 in a series of 10 articles. For a complete background on how to grow almond trees, we recommend starting from the beginning.

Before you begin, read and follow all instructions on labels.

Natural Control

  • Serenade® Garden Disease Control for powdery mildew, leaf spot, scab and more.

When To Spray

Red bud to popcorn and late bloom stages

  • Bonide® Copper Fungicide Spray or Dust for brown rot blossom blight, leaf spot and shot hole.

During hull split

  • Bonide® Borer-Miner Killer for navel orangeworms and peach twig borers.

At the First Sign of:

  • Bonide® Insecticidal Soap for mites, scale and plant bugs.
  • Bonide® Captain Jack’s™ Deadbug Brew for leafrollers, navel orangeworms and peach twig borer (not for use on large trees – taller than 6 feet).
  • Bonide® Total Pest Control for navel orangeworms, peach tree borer and tent caterpillars.
  • Bonide® Citrus, Fruit & Nut Orchard Spray for scale, powdery mildew, blight, scab, mites and plant bugs.
  • Bonide® Thuricide® Bacillus Thuringiensis (BT) for caterpillars.
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