Parris Island Cos Lettuce Seed

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Nothing comes close to this cos! Uniform, tender-crisp Romaine leaves with delicate white hearts and perfectly folded centers. Won’t brown when cut and contains considerably more nutrition than plain old iceberg varieties. Original bred for South Carolina, it’s one of the few lettuces that will tolerate heat. Wonderful in Caesar salads (or any salad), as a lettuce wrap, a dip-scooper or on your favorite sandwich. Disease-tolerant and bolt-resistant; also resists tip-burn. Photo courtesy of Baker Creek Heirloom Seed.

  • Days to germinate: 7-10 days
  • Days to maturity: 70
  • Start indoors 3-4 weeks before last frost. Sow ¼” deep in sterile planting medium
  • Transplant spacing: 8-10”
  • Sow outdoors after the last frost.
  • Seed spacing: 1-2”, then thin to 8-10” apart, using the thinnings for salad
  • Seed depth: ¼”
  • Produce size: Full heads are about 9” tall or taller
  • Yield: One head per seedling
  • Mature plant height: 9” or taller
  • Suitable for container growing: Yes
  • Year of discovery: 1951; introduced by Ferry-Morse

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