Ferti-lome® Triple Action

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Keep this versatile, 3-in-one spray on hand to fight disease and pests in your garden and orchard. Use ferti-lome® Triple Action Plus Insecticide, Fungicide, & Miticide to provide quick control of insects, diseases, and mites on vegetables, fruits, citrus, nuts, herbs, spices, roses, flowers, houseplants, and shrubs. Perfect for when it’s time to bring in houseplants that have spent the summer outside. Triple Action Plus kills eggs, larvae, and adult stages of listed insects. This spray can be used up to day of harvest on fruits and vegetables.

Controls: Whiteflies, aphids, spider mites, scale, mealybugs, beetles, Japanese beetles, loopers, leaf miners, leaf rollers, armyworms, webworms, weevils, tent caterpillars, fungus gnats, leafhoppers, cabbage worms, squash bugs, squash vine borer, crickets, ants, fleas and many other insects.

Contains pyrethrins, piperonyl butoxide, and neem oil. Spray all plant surfaces every 14 days to prevent disease.

Always read the entire label before use:
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