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Planting Roses

Few flowers are as desired as the rose. Their versatile beauty and fragrance have inspired poets and gardeners alike, and for good reason! Follow these simple guidelines for planting to give your new rose the best foundation possible.

NOTE: This is part 4 in a series of 11 articles. For a complete background on how to grow roses, we recommend starting from the beginning.

Spacing and Planting Site

Spacing of rose plants will vary by type:

  • Knock out varieties: 2 to 5 feet
  • Shrub: 2 to 3 feet
  • Climbers: 3 to 4 feet
  • Mini Flora: 2 to 3 feet
  • Potted roses can be planted as soon as the danger of frost is past in spring through early fall. Consider the planting site carefully. Roses like 8 to 10 hours of sun each day, but they will tolerate some late afternoon shade.
  • There should be good air movement and drainage to prevent root damage.
  • Plant away from large trees or shrubs, and avoid planting under eaves and overhangs.

Planting Tips

  • Bare root roses should soak in a bucket of water 1-2 hours before planting.
  • Prepare the soil by digging holes a little larger than the pots.
  • Form a small mound of soil in the center of the planting hole to accommodate the root system.
  • Gently remove the plant from the pot and adjust the planting depth so the soil line is the same as it was in the pot.
  • Amend the soil you’re returning to the hole with peat moss or other organic material.
  • Fill around the plant carefully, tamping down the soil to remove air bubbles.
  • Water well and fertilize with Mills Magic Rose® Mix.
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