Rose Plant Success Kit

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Grow show-stopping roses from the roots up! Kit includes soil amendments like water-distributing coir fiber and a specially formulated rose fertilizer composed of natural ingredients that roses love: alfalfa meal, fish meal, cottonseed meal, blood meal, and bone meal. We’ve also included a durable, 3/4-inch cutting capacity bypass pruner that provide a clean cut so you can keep your roses in tip-top shape, whether you’re deadheading or harvesting fresh-cut flowers. Plants not included. Product color may vary.

  • 4-lb. package of Mills Magic Rose® Mix (NPK: 6-5-1)
  • Coco-Fiber Planting Medium coir brick
  • Bypass Pruner (3/4-inch diameter cutting capacity)

Kit accommodates approximately 4 (or more) rose bushes

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