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Enjoy velvety, flavorful berries. This highly productive plant yields exceptionally sweet raspberries that melt in your mouth. Disease-resistant to root rot. Cold-hardy and heat-tolerant. Mid- to late-summer bearing. Ripens in late July to early August. Self-pollinating. A licensed variety of Cornell University.

Note: Do not plant Red, Gold or Purple raspberries within 75-100 feet of Black raspberries. Black raspberries may be more susceptible to viral diseases carried by aphids to and from nearby raspberry plants.


Bloom Color Pink
Fruit Color Red
Fruit Size Large
Pollination Self-Pollinating
Ripens/Harvest Late July - Early August
Shade/Sun Full Sun
Soil Composition Loamy
Soil Moisture Well Drained
Soil pH Level 6.0 - 6.8
Taste Sweet
Texture Very Firm
Years to Bear 1 - 2
Zone Range 4 - 9

Zone Compatibility

This Variety's Zone Range 4 - 9
My Hardiness Zone ?
The USDA hardiness zones offer a guide to varieties that will grow well in certain climates. Each zone corresponds to the minimum winter temperatures experienced in a given area. Make sure that your hardiness zone lies within the zone compatability range of this variety before ordering.

Size & Spacing

Mature Size

When your plant matures, it will be approximately 4 - 5' tall x 3 - 4' wide.

Recommended Spacing

We recommend spacing these plants 3 - 4' apart to ensure room for growth.


This variety is self pollinating.

In many cases, you may still want to plant pollinating partners to increase the size of your crops, but with self-pollinating varieties doing so is optional. You'll get fruit with only one plant!

Tools & Supplies

Having the proper tools and supplies when growing your own can make the difference between a good harvest and a great harvest! Here's a list that our experts recommend for this variety.

Planting & Care

Learn all about how to grow raspberry plants in The Growing Guide. An entire section of our website dedicated to your growing success.

Shipping Information

Arrives when it's time to plant

Your success is our priority. We work hard to make sure that your order arrives at the ideal time for planting in your location based on your local climate conditions.

Our Promise of Satisfaction

1 Year Warranty

Every order comes with our promise of satisfaction. If you aren't completely satisfied with your order, let us know within one year for a free one-time replacement or refund.

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Best of what you had left
Barbara R on Jun 10, 2020
no idea. First time order
Peter M on Apr 12, 2020
Best of what you had left
Barbara R on Jun 10, 2020
Looking for raspberries for my zone. Already have yellow wanted red.And Stark Bros has a good reputation.
Barbara H on May 5, 2020
no idea. First time order
Peter M on Apr 12, 2020
John R on Feb 12, 2020
Want to try a new variety, with fewer thorns. I love raspberries, but hate the scratches I inevitably get when harvesting.
Mary H on Feb 9, 2020
I have grown this verity before and liked them
Gaylen E on Jan 13, 2020
It was one of the few Rasberry plants compatible with my zone of 9a.
Kristen E on Jan 4, 2020
My climate zone is 8B and these are good up to 9. Other plants that were rated up t 8 did not do very well in the super hot summer we just had.
Brian F on Sep 9, 2019
Seemed okay for northeast US because from Cornell U. in NY state. I'm in Massachusetts. Oh, it was on sale, too.
Hank R on May 22, 2019
It was at least marginally okay for my zone, which is a tricky one, and the description seemed to be something I could use. Also know Stark provides great help with planting and care instructions.
Patricia A S on Apr 29, 2019
Needed for my growing conditions
KIM M on Mar 7, 2019
Recommend by knowledgeable Stark agent.
Gail G on Mar 6, 2019
Mary C on Feb 9, 2019
They looked yummy
Karen S on Sep 22, 2018
I'm growing Latham and Heritage; as both are commonly sold in my region, but I wanted to try something different. While the plants that I have perform well, sometimes the taste of the is not as intense as I'd hoped-based on my memory of childhood raspberries. Other reviewers seemed to like the flavor of this variety, so I'll give it a try.
Susan R on May 22, 2018
Wanted a thornless, sweet raspberry plant.
Donna D on May 8, 2018
I chose this because of the size of the fruit, its hardy nature, its sweet flavor and its vigorous growth pattern. So far, so good!
Katherine F on Jan 19, 2018
It grows in my zone and will be added to my other raspberries. Love that it's nearly spineless.
Barbara S on Feb 25, 2017
Heat tolerant disease resistant
Tom B on Jan 6, 2017
Love walking out to the garden and grabing a handful of red rasperries for my cereal!
Sally R on Oct 30, 2016
Norm K on Oct 27, 2016
berry quality
Eldon B on Oct 5, 2016
Correct zone - sweet berries.
PEGGY C on Mar 11, 2016
Looking for raspberries for my zone. Already have yellow wanted red.And Stark Bros has a good reputation.
Barbara H on May 5, 2020
John R on Feb 12, 2020
How soon after planting will these raspberry plants have fruit?
Jordyn K on Feb 24, 2020
BEST ANSWER: I planted spring and I got few fruit that fall. But next year I could get so much!!
Do these need staking? Which cold hardy zone 4 varieties support themselves?
Debbie on May 9, 2016
BEST ANSWER: This just my second year with these berries. I have not staked them and have had no problem. I am not familiar with other berries, but I live in cold hardiness zone 6a, and these are doing fine.
Do these have thorns?
Mandy F on May 5, 2020
BEST ANSWER: Yes. They tend to be more pronounced on the year-old/brown canes than the young ones. Compared to other varieties, though, I don't find they are as pronounced (or bothersome).
is encore raspberry summer bearing?
Frederick J on Aug 13, 2020
BEST ANSWER: We appreciate you reaching out to us. These will bear Late July - Early August

If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to reach back out to us. Have a great day!
I planted 9 canes in late spring and now in mid summer I have seen no change, they still look like dry canes even after sniping the canes. Could someone tell me what went wrong?
Melissa G on Jul 7, 2020
BEST ANSWER: We appreciate you reaching out to us. did you prune them back to about 2 inches after planting? It is a crucial factor in encouraging the roots to send up new growth during the growing season. It is in the nature of raspberry plants to send up new growth as suckers or basal shoots from below the ground. This means the canes that you plant may not be where you find signs of life or new growth. When it???s time to grow, you will see new sprouts emerge from the ground around where you planted the cane, and this growth is coming from the raspberry plant???s root system.

If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to reach back out to us. Have a great day!
Are these Encore raspberries grafted plants?
Dennis F on May 27, 2020
BEST ANSWER: We appreciate you reaching out to us. No berry plants are not grafted.

If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to reach back out to us. Have a great day!
Are these thornless raspberries?
Patti A on May 2, 2020
I don't want plants shipped till mid May is this possible?
Nancy on Apr 18, 2020
BEST ANSWER: If you would like us to ship your order at a different time, please contact our Customer Support Team at 800.325.4180. We would be glad to help you arrange what suits you and your growing zone best.
How many chill hours are needed to produce fruit? It says it will work for my zone (9b) but will it produce fruit here?
Gina P on Apr 12, 2020
BEST ANSWER: Thank you raspberries also have a chilling requirement. Many varieties need at least 800 hours of temperatures between 37 and 50 degrees F. When this chilling requirement is not met in the winter, raspberries experience lower yields during the growing season. I hope this is helpful, have a great day!
What is the best time of the year to plant raspberries?
Barry F on Jun 2, 2019
BEST ANSWER: Thank you for your question. Because weather and soil conditions vary so much from year to year and even within your zone, it's best to think of your planting time as a range of favorable conditions instead of an exact time.

You can plant new plants and trees: 1) when the ground is not frozen, 2) when daytime temperatures are above freezing (32??F) and below 90??F, and 3) when extreme weather (blizzard, hail, torrential rain, etc.) is not in the forecast. Be sure to keep plants watered if you're transplanting in warm and/or dry weather.
Is this a primocane variety (prune by cutting to the ground every year?). What pruning guideline is best for this variety?
Sandra W on Feb 21, 2017
BEST ANSWER: Encore is a late-season floricane. One of our resident experts, Sarah DePass has written an outstanding guide about growing and pruning raspberries, including floricanes. You can read it here: ://
My very old stand of Latham red raspberries was overtaken by stem blight this year. I had had a little before but not like this. I want to start over with a more resistant variety. What do you suggest?
Mary K on Sep 16, 2016
BEST ANSWER: Thank you for your question. While no raspberries have yet been developed with resistance to the three main types of cane blight, you do have a couple of alternatives.

You can treat your Latham raspberries with a copper fungicide, such as Bonide??:

Or you can plant a purple raspberry, which has some resistance to cane blight but is not technically consider "blight-resistant":
When planting 1 gallon raspberries. Do I still need to cut back cane? Even if it already has new growth on it?
Tyler G on Apr 12, 2020
The catalog says set of three. I ordered two sets of two types and only got two plants of each type. I was expecting to get 12 plants, why did I only receive 4 plants?
Carroll D on Apr 4, 2020
I have had my Encore Raspberries for over three wks. and I still have not been able to get them planted because of weather dropping into the teens every night and snow is in the forecast. Do I leave them in them in the basement?
Bill W on Mar 25, 2020

Customer Reviews

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Best raspberries we have grown!
The best thing about these raspberries besides their taste is the firmness of the berries. They don't become too ripe on the bush as quickly as any of the other varieties we have tried and keep much better in storage after picking.
May 2, 2018
over 3 years ago
Fantastic Berry flavor
Great berries in every way, sweet, acidic, prolific and just plain delicious
May 3, 2017
over 4 years ago
Amazing Results in My Berry Patch!
I am into my second year with these raspberries and couldn't be happier. They are full of not quite ripe berries at the moment and last year's were delicious. Every plant took well and are a great hangout for the bees.
June 26, 2017
over 4 years ago
Not thorn free.
This is the second year for my encore berries. I wanted thorn free and the description stated"nearly thornless canes". But the canes have tiny thorns all up the stark. Now the thorns may go away or not even bother in the harvesting of the berries. I will know more when this fruit ripens.
May 13, 2019
over 2 years ago
These looked like dead sticks when the arrived in Apr 2019 but soon blossomed out, and are vigorous now. Even had a few berries this year which were super large and sweet. Looking for a bumper crop next year. Highly recommend them.
August 4, 2019
1 year ago
Didn't work out
The plants lasted one month before the leaves turned brown and the plants died, one after the other. I planted them in different locations but it didn't matter. I don't know whether it was a virus, fungus or something I did or didn't do. I live on the Texas Gulf Coast whereI've had much better luck with blueberries, grapes and bananas.
May 17, 2017
over 4 years ago
So far so good
I planted three in the spring of 2019. First one had started budding out in transit. The second started budding out about an inch above ground level after a week. The third is sending up new growth from the roots, so they're 3 for 3. Looking forward to harvesting berries next year.
May 15, 2019
1 year ago
Encore Red Raspberry
Producing well after one year. Just had a nice handful on my banana pudding! Delicious berries.
June 7, 2018
over 4 years ago
second season looking good!
This will be the second season. So far, the leaves are sprouting and looking healthy. This should be a good harvest.
May 3, 2018
over 4 years ago
It survived winter
This is the second year of growth. It survived the winter but did not flower in year two. The cane is about 3’ tall and growing but there will be no fruit this year.
May 1, 2019
over 2 years ago
Response from Stark Bro's
I'm sorry to hear that your concerned with your raspberry. Sounds like your cane needs to be pruned. Please follow our growing guide instructions to ensure success.
May 2, 2019
Tabitha R