Bonide® Systemic Rose & Flower Care

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Keep rose plants happy, healthy, and flourishing with flowers by treating with Bonide® Systemic Rose & Flower care treatment and plant food for balanced nutrition and insect protection. This systemic treatment is absorbed by the plant and works throughout the plant to provide necessary nutrients and guard against disease and insects for up to eight weeks. New growth is protected for up to eight weeks. Each 2-pound container contains enough to treat 8 shrubs, 16 roses, or 96 square feet of flowerbed.

Apply to plants by spreading granules evenly on top of the soil. Water thoroughly after applying to wash the treatment into the soil where it can be absorbed by plant roots.

  • For Roses: Apply 2 oz. (2 capfuls) per plant
  • For Shrubs: Apply 4 oz. (4 capfuls) per plant
  • For Flower Beds: Apply 4 oz. (4 capfuls) per 12 square feet.

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