Natural Industries Actinovate® Fungicide

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Organic gardening isn’t just about protecting the environment and keeping pesticides off of your food; it makes your garden healthier and more productive over the long run by nurturing the good bacteria that keep your soil in balance.

All-natural Actinovate contains a high concentration of such beneficial microorganisms. When applied, the microbes live off the plant’s by-products while simultaneously attacking disease-causing pathogens. Actinovate stops common lawn diseases like brown patch, dollarspot and pythium blight, and prevents frustrating root diseases like verticillium and fusarium wilt, and late blight, all enemies of your tomato plants. Also protects roses and other ornamentals against mildew, mold, blight, leaf spot and black spot.

Safe for pets, people, vegetable and herb gardens, flowers, trees, shrubs and hydroponic gardens. Use 1 teaspoon, or 4 grams, per 2 gallons of water for soil drench or foliar spray.

• 20 gram package: Makes 10 gallons


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