How to Plant Blueberry Plants

Blueberries are well known for their health benefits, which is reason enough to grow your own! In this post we show you how to plant blueberry plants.

Blueberry plants have dainty bell-shaped flowers in the spring, lush green foliage during the growing season, tasty and nutritious sky- to deep-blue (and in some cases, pink!) berries in the summer, and gorgeous fall foliage; featuring deep reds and purples. This is why blueberry plants are gaining much-deserved popularity for their seasonal landscape appeal.

At Stark Bro's, blueberry plants are available in 4-inch containers as well as small gallon containers – both options are strong, healthy plants; however, the small-gallon blueberry plants have a more advanced root system and are apt to produce fruit sooner after planting!

When planting blueberry plants, you will need:

  • A well-drained, sunny location (at least 6-8 hours daily sunlight)
  • Acid-type soil (pH 4.5-5.5) or soil acidifier if your soil pH is too high

Maximize Your Gardening and Growing Success


  • Dig an 18" hole (around and deep) for the small gallon container blueberry plant, adjust accordingly for smaller plants
  • Amend the soil if necessary
  • Remove the blueberry plant from the pot, loosening the root ball and spreading the roots
  • Place the blueberry plant in the hole along with any soil amendments
  • Refill the hole with soil (and amendments) until the surrounding soil is level with the soil around the roots
  • Tamp the soil around the newly planted roots to remove any air pockets
  • Water thoroughly at the time of planting

Note: If you receive your blueberry plant and are unable to plant it immediately, rest assured that there are ways to safely delay planting.